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For more than 40 years, Realty Publications, Inc. (RPI) has supported our affiliate real estate schools better inform students by providing the highest quality real estate licensing textbooks. RPI supports our affiliate real estate schools — and their students — meet their goals

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Real Estate Principles

A broad collection of fundamental real estate concepts a new agent or broker will likely encounter in their first four years of practice. Included are basic agency issues, fair housing rules, property disclosures, property valuation, purchase offers, rights of ownership, adjacent property issues, title and vesting, notes and trust deed financing provisions, default and foreclosure, property management, construction and real estate math.

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Real Estate Practice

The use of forms to make disclosures, present an analysis, or enter into an agreement on a real estate related transaction is the essence of Real Estate Practice. Each form is presented as a checklist of items and provisions, based on guidelines and rules for their use, to help you better understand the contractual aspects of California real estate.

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Legal Aspects of Real Estate

Presents a selection of working examples covering issues pertaining to real property estates, vestings, disputes involving neighboring properties, water rights and restrictions on property use. Also discussed are property title conditions and insurance, conveyancing, involuntary liens, the enforcement of real estate rights and remedies for financial recovery in a transaction gone awry.

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Real Estate Finance

Discover what every well-informed real estate licensee must know about private lending and carryback sales - including a full review of notes, trust deeds and other security devices, as well as their provisions and foreclosure procedures. Plus an analysis of the two recently enacted major consumer protection laws passed in response to the Great Recession - the 2008 SAFE Act and the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

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Property Management

Analyzes the detailed and exacting rules of leasing and renting both residential and commercial income properties. Forms and notices required to establish management and leasing agencies, to create, manage and terminate tenancies, and to preserve rent obligations for enforcement are described for ease of use by property owners, managers and leasing agents.

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Real Estate Economics

These 25 economic factors in application provide forward-looking observations on the trends producing real estate sales volume and pricing and the time-price-location matrix, with thoughts on realistic expectations about the future use and occupancy of real estate owned or leased.

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Mortgage Loan Brokering

A manual on the best practices for originating, servicing and foreclosing on consumer and business mortgages under state and federal rules. Topics include licensing and management, consumer and business mortgage practice and reports, types of mortgages, consumer protection laws, servicing, default and foreclosure and private lender mortgages.

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