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RPI's Real Estate Practice – DRE-approved as SB 1495 compliant

Your students need the new Real Estate Practice course to apply for the State Exam in 2024. Aware early on, Realty Publications, Inc. (RPI) became the first publisher to obtain DRE approval for the new Practice

RPI will deliver to you all the new Practice course materials you need to quickly clear the DRE approval process

Real Estate Practice 8th covers the use of forms to make disclosures, present an analysis, or enter into an agreement on a real estate related transaction – the essence of Real Estate Practice. Each form is presented as a checklist of items and provisions, with guidelines and rules for their use, to better help the student understand the contractual nature of all California real estate transactions

The Real Estate Practice 8th printed book and e-book are smaller and lighter by 80 pages – streamlined to accommodate the new digital components completed online

A 60 page Implicit Bias color e-book supplement covers:
  • federal and state fair housing law in the context of explicit and implicit bias
  • predatory lending and redlining both from a contemporary and historical perspective
  • the wealth and homeownership gap
  • the proper implementation of fair hiring practices
  • reporting discriminatory practices observed in the industry
  • adherence to advertising guidelines
  • the need for greater financial literacy to create a more stable housing market
Also includes Access for All: A Fair Housing Game™ – A blending of video, animation, text, and voice in an engaging interactive experience that puts students directly into the shoes of transaction participants

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The low cost to you:
  • $15 per enrollment for printed material, e-book and video game
  • $10 per enrollment for e-book and video game
  • Bulk pricing when you purchase material for two other licensing courses from RPI
Alternatively, you may offer RPI courses:
  • Enroll your students in RPI's approved new Practice course at RPI's platform as a partner
  • Receive 30% of the enrollment fee + student service support